PatientBase is a free patient fitting data management tool that gives you a simple, secure way to work. Whether your practice consists of a single computer, or spans multiple computers in different locations, PatientBase seamlessly integrates data storage into the familiar Pro Fit and/or Inspire fitting software application.
  • Automatic migration of your existing ProHear32 Launcher database.
  • Manage users and computer access from a single location.
  • Free cloud option allows for online backup and automatic data synchronization between computers.
  • Secure local database encryption and 128-bit transmission encryption.
Choose which version to download:
Pro Fit (all versions):
Inspire (2023.1 or Newer):

Inspire versions 2022.1 - 2023.0

Inspire versions 2021.0 - 2022.0

Inspire versions 2016.x - 2020.x
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